Design Tips for a Great Wedding Booth!

  1. Make it easy for the bride, groom, friends and family to enter into your booth.
  2. Create a welcoming and interesting atmosphere giving them a reason to come in.
  3. Place the table at the back or side of the booth. If in a corner booth, place table on the inner side next to your neighbor. Don’t allow yourself or workers to stand or sit behind a table!
  4. Request a booth location that is right for your business.  Some people like corners, some like being by the entrance, some like being behind a wall and some like being by the caterers serving food…learn what is best for you!
  5. Try to have one focal item that brings all brides to your booth.
  6. If you need electricity, extra tables, more chairs – please let us know in advance.  In some of our locations, electric is provided with the booth price and in other locations it is an additional charge.  Many time we have to bring in additional tables (high tops and low boys) to accommodate the needs of vendors…reserve it weeks before the show because we might not be have what you need the day of the show.
  7. Remember to consider the pipe and drapery (the curtains separating the booth) when designing the booth. We typically have white, black, blue, or maroon depending on the theme of the show.  However, we always allow vendors to bring your own.  Please let us know if you plan on changing the supplied pipe and drape because we need to account for the extra pipe needed. 
  8. Purchase curtains to create your own custom drape and look for your booth – we suggest that they be 96 inches plus to dust the floor.
  9. Do not clutter the booth. People are more comfortable in an open atmosphere.
  10. Have marketing material available for people to pick up.
  11. If possible, have your own registration at your booth coupled with a special prize or give-a-way.  Each time you have a personal one on one conversation with the bride or the groom – make sure they sign your guest book.  This will create your hot leads list of people you should follow up with!
  12. Utilize your logo and logo colors in your booth as much as possible. It is all about branding!