Wedding Color Tips

Choosing your wedding colors sets the tone for the entire is not just about the bridesmaid dresses but also the linens, flowers, decor, invitations and cake.  Here are useful tips when picking your colors.

Vibrant colors evoke a sense of drama where softer colors create a more romantic feel and earthy colors create a calming mood. Darker colors are associated with fall or winter wedding, lighter colors are in the spring and bright colors are in the summer.

Color Lingo

Analogous - 3 colors side by side on a 12-part color wheel.  Like a darker orange, red and deep pink. 

Complementary - two colors which are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel to create maximum contrast like orange and blue.

Monochromatic - a color scheme that is based on a single hue in various shades

When selecting your color scheme, also think of your venues colors like the carpet, walls, drapes and the outside colors.

The most popular wedding color is blue, with 30%, next is purple with 25% and the third most popular color is green with 24%.